Indian Harvest has been a staple in the Naperville community for over 25 years

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Indian Harvest opened its doors in 1998, bringing Indian culture and cuisine to the Naperville community. Co-owners Sanjeev Pandey and Anu Hora brought their restaurant and hospitality backgrounds together for an authentic experience. 

A sampling of dishes at Indian Harvest Naperville

Chris Grano, host of 630 Naperville’s Naper Bites sat down with Pandey, co-owner to try a few dishes. First up was a chef specialty, allahabadi aloo, a dish from Pandey’s hometown. “I saw my grandmother growing up making this dish,” said Pandey, “It’s a very simple preparation of boiled potatoes, whole coriander seeds, fresh tomatoes, turmeric and salt. We add the potatoes to that. Cook it on a slow fire while the potatoes, the edges of them caramelize a little bit and then we just garnish it with whole chili and fresh cilantro.”

The second dish was shrimp vindaloo. “The original vindaloo is made with pork, but we don’t cook pork or beef in our kitchen here,” said Pandey. “So today we are doing the shrimp vindaloo. So it’s very simple. I sautéed the shrimp and a little bit of butter and garlic, added potatoes, let that caramelize a little bit and then added the tomato sauce, some yellow gravy and vinegar, a good amount of chili powder, some salt and garam masala.”