Contact for available dates and time slots.
  • Full payment is required prior to taping day in order to officially reserve your spot within the show.
  • Payment may be made via check or credit card.

Check: mail a check (made out to NCTV17) to 127 Ambassador Drive, Suite 103, Naperville, IL 60540 or you can bring a check with you to the studio on taping day.
Credit card (3.5% processing fee): We can provide you with a PayPal link to input your information.

Your interview is one of three that make up an entire 30-minute show. Canceling last-minute not only leaves a hole in the show which is unfair to the other two scheduled guests, but also results in a loss of revenue for the station. Please be mindful of this and confirm your availability before booking your spot.

  • If you cancel or reschedule more than 10 working days before taping day, 100% of your payment will be refunded to you.
  • If you cancel or reschedule less than 10 working days before taping day, 50% of your payment will be refunded to you.
Business Connection tapes every couple of months, typically on a Tuesday at the NCTV17 studio (127 Ambassador Drive, Suite 103, Naperville, IL 60540). Each business has a half hour Interview time slot to allow time for the pre-chat and the taped interview.
NCTV17’s Executive Director, Liz Spencer, has hosted Business Connection for 10+ years.  Liz’s Emmy award-winning knowledge as a Director and Producer, combined with her extensive background in TV hosting, has led the way for Business Connection to become a true community television series.  With a great host interviewing faces of influence in our community, Business Connection both informs and entertains.
Upon arriving at our studio, you will have 10 minutes for a “pre-chat,” (practice interview) with our host to go over interview questions.  This way there are no surprises when the cameras start rolling!  Then the actual interview is about 8 minutes in length.  You can plan to spend a total of about 30 minutes in our studio so you can plan the rest of your day accordingly.
This interview is your open forum to share your core messaging with the community, so YOU decide what to talk about. Please take some time to think about the key points you wish to convey to viewers and fill out the Guest Submmission Form. These will then be shared with the host ahead of time so she is better prepared.  As a reminder, you will also have time during your “pre-chat” to discuss these points with the host before your interview tapes.  Typical interview topics include:  history/background of your business, description of products/services your business offers, what sets your business apart from your competition, etc.

Keep in mind you will be seated during your interview, so clothes should look comfortable and fit nicely in a seated position.  Also, you will be shown from head to toe within the wide-shot (not just waist-up), so keep in mind your footwear!

A few additional helpful hints to maximize your on-camera appearance:

  • Don’t wear white. It glows and washes you out.
  • Don’t wear all black. It absorbs the light.
  • Bright colors work best on TV (coral, blue, burgundy, green). Guys – a nice blue shirt looks great with a suit!
  • Stay away from checkered, striped, or busy prints, as they are distracting and may appear pixilated on-air.
  • Dress appropriately for your every day line of work (yoga instructors should wear yoga pants, a chef can wear a chef jacket, a banker would be most appropriate in a suit).
  • Ladies: Don’t be afraid to wear more makeup than usual, as the bright lights may wash you out a little. Gentlemen: If you have a shaved head, consider a little powder on top.
  • Keep your neckline in mind as you select your outfit as we will need to attach a lavalier microphone to your clothing. Jackets work great or clothes with a little stiffness help hide the microphone cord.
  • Avoid large jewelry that makes a noise with movement.

Much like network television stations, NCTV17’s station policy does not permit guests to preview their interview prior to airing.  Rest assured you are in the capable hands of professionals, so NCTV17 is committed to presenting you in the best way possible in the final product.  When your interview debuts, the Producer of Business Connection will email you notification that your interview has been posted to NCTV17’s website and YouTube.  Instructions on how to further extend marketing exposure by sharing this interview on your own website and social media will also be emailed to you.

During the interview, try not to think about the cameras; instead, focus on the host.  There is no need for you to use notes because you are just having a comfortable conversation.  The more natural and conversational, the more GENUINE you appear to viewers.  Speak up, speak slowly, and speak with energy.  Remember:  You are the best salesperson for your business.  Nobody knows your business better than you.  Now relax and have fun.  We are here to make you look good!