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Aspire Winning Edge is for the athlete looking to strengthen their performance. Whether it is to have less of something like performance anxiety, fear, frustration, negative influencers, self-doubt, a freeze response, or anger, or, want more of something, like confidence, consistency, motivation, determination, goal accomplishment, and drive, or faster injury recovery, athletes will leave feeling differently than when they arrived. It isn’t sport psychology. It is a unique and integrated approach using performance coaching, sports hypnosis/visualization, Brainspotting, Heartmath and foundational principles of improvisation. I meet the client where they are and take them to where they want to be. Athletes are given tools and exercises to strengthen their internal resources from within. Brainspotting provides athletes the ability to process strong emotions, sports trauma, and sports expansion to gain a competitive edge. Aspire Winning Edge grows the individual for who they are, not what they do, by capitalizing on strengthening the mind-body connection to compliment the physical skills they have.

Jessica Crowley, Owner/Practitioner
Monet Whelton, Gymnast (Training Level 10)

P.O. Box 5364
Wheaton, IL 60189

(844) 438-2931