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Bridge to Freedom aids incarcerated individuals during their release process. Incarcerated individuals who are ready to embrace their second chance to become fully functioning members of society upon release, will be provided with up to two years of housing that is both safe and nurturing to ensure an environment of learning and healing as to enable and empower the individual to reach their full God-given potential.

Bridge to Freedom is a long-term program that begins one year before release. Upon acceptance, the inmate will first become a student of B2F. During their time as a student, B2F will work with him or her to clarify their identity in God, to understand what a vision is, how to apply that vision towards their God-given destiny and to develop a written plan that he or she can accomplish throughout their discipleship training and mentorship.

Upon completion of the B2F program, the student graduates from B2F healed, focused, walking in or towards their purpose and prepared to be a fully functioning member of society as God intended.

Mica Garrett, Executive Director

1647 Cottage Grove Ave
Ford Heights, Illinois 60411

(708) 265-5770