Chaos by Design

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A hundred years ago, it was the industrial revolution. A hundred years from now, perhaps the quantum revolution. But right now, it’s the infotech revolution. So how does a company position itself in the path of success? This is what digital transformation is all about: looking into the future to cater your business to the new needs of your customers and clients.

Authors Kader Sakkaria, Imran Karbhari, and Trevor Macomber tackle the complex topic of digital transformation in their upcoming book, Chaos by Design, to be released in May.

Fundamentally, any transformation—digital or otherwise—is about change. And whenever change is introduced, there is a certain amount of chaos that comes with it. In the last 10 years, the way society consumes and communicates information has shifted and increased exponentially through digital means and methods. This, in turn, has impacted how we live our lives day in and day out.

To harness the power of this revolution, the authors suggest companies need to re-define their goals and vision if they want not merely to survive but thrive in the early 21st century. While chaos is a natural and predictable state in any kind of transformation journey, it is also absolutely necessary. More accurately, chaos by design is necessary. Rather than trying to minimize chaos, an effective transformation leader uses it productively, channeling it to fuel innovation and results.

Many business owners understand the concept of digital transformation at the macro level. Now companies need to evolve to foster an agile workforce able to flourish in the presence of uncertainty and chaos in the service of the ultimate customer experience.

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