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At Covenant Classical School we spend a lot of time talking with families who are concerned about the direction of their child’s education. Covenant Classical School provides them with a very distinctive option for K-8 schooling where parents see their children thrive in school.

Covenant transitioned its classical and Christian program to online learning using a centralized platform called Microsoft Teams for Education. It enabled our teachers to provide all grade levels with daily live classes in which they taught new content to students. Our parents were thrilled at what we were able to provide.

Covenant will offer 5 days of on-campus instruction for all grade levels, K-8. Our small class sizes of 8-14 students and our responsive community make it possible for us to bring our students back safely. We have had a task force working since May and have just published our 30 page plan for how we are preparing for a safe and joy-filled return to the classrooms. This plan is available on our website.

We will get through this challenging time by working together. We encourage parents who may be concerned about the direction of their child’s education to take a closer look at Covenant at our website. It may be a decision that would help their child thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Tom Stoner, Head of School

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