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Creating professional family movies so you can keep and share family memories.

Everyone has a parent or a grandparent who always tells a certain story about when they were growing up, or when they got their first job, bought their first house, etc. You might get tired of hearing the story now, but when that family member is no longer around to tell it, you’ll wish you could hear them tell their story one more time.

Creative Family Memories is here to record those family stories now, so you and your family can enjoy them for generations to come.

Why Creative Family Memories?

They’re not your traditional family videography company, because they do more than just record a video of your loved one talking. They also take your family photos and videos and incorporate them into the video of your family member telling their story, so their story comes to life as they’re telling it. This way it goes from being just a story you heard to an experience that makes you feel like you lived the story with them.

Even if you’ve all heard the same story a hundred times, everyone remembers it a little differently.

Rather than telling the story to the next generation second- and third-hand, they can hear the story told directly from the family member who lived it, even long after they’re gone. The addition of the photos and videos transform the experience from a home movie into a Family Legacy.

Whether your family photos and videos exist in polaroid form, VHS, or on your iPhone, they can digitize and organize all your family memories into a story that becomes part of your Family Legacy.

Depending on your needs, they can work with just the family photos and videos you already have, or they can record video of you or a loved one sharing your favorite family stories and incorporate your photos into the video. You can find out more about their different services here.

Creative Family Memories

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Business Connection welcomed Michael Rataj, Head Brain/Creative Director of Creative Family Memories.