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We provide a youth sports experience unlike any other in America. Research has shown that the number one reason kids play sports is to have fun. It is not surprising then, that the number one reason they quit playing sports is because they stop enjoying it.

For Kids: We provide a fun experience in which kids develop athletic skills, learn good sportsmanship, and increase their self-confidence.

For Parents: We provide a convenient, well organized program that doesn’t consume their family’s life.

Our programs are built around a 5-point customer experience we call The i9 Sports Experience which includes:

1. Superior Organization & Communication
We deliver a positive, stress-free experience for the whole family:

  • Professional management – someone is always present and available to help you
  • Proactive communication – you always know where you need to be and when
  • 24/7 online access to latest schedules, standings, and statistics
  • Flexibility to accommodate “buddy” requests on teams
  • Feedback survey sent for each program – we want to know how to please you

2. Convenience
We make participation in our programs easy:

  • Once a week practices on game day, at same location
  • Easy registration online or by phone through our Customer Service Center
  • No mandatory fundraisers or concession duties

3. A Safe, Supportive Environment
We put the physical and emotional safety of our players above all else:

  • All staff and coaches are screened with a criminal background check
  • Trained officials at every game to enforce safe play
  • “i9 Sports Parental Pledge” which prohibits sideline negativity
  • “i9 Sports Coaches Pledge” which ensures fun and the development of each child are put ahead of the coach’s win/loss record
  • “When in Doubt, Sit Out” Concussion Safety Policy for all sports
  • No heading allowed in our soccer programs

4. Instruction in Skills & Good Sportsmanship
We believe teaching kids how to play the game is only half the equation. Helping children develop character is the other half:

  • Age appropriate instruction in game fundamentals
  • Weekly practice plans and drills designed to build skill over the season
  • Weekly sportsmanship value is taught, and award is given weekly on each team
  • Emphasis on fair play and healthy competition vs. how high the score can be

5. Focus on Fun
We have put fun back into youth sports:

  • Equal playing time regardless of talent level
  • No tryouts or drafts
  • The ability to try different sports
  • Position rotation – the ability to try different positions
  • The ability to play with friends through “buddy requests”
  • Recognition and celebration during the season and after

It is the essence of the i9 Sports Experience to have families attend practice and games to cheer on their athlete(s). We encourage at least one parent or guardian to join in all game day activities as a spectator, motivator and role model. Let’s work together to put the “fun” back into youth sports!

Chad Croley, Owner – Naperville

115 E Ogden Ave, Ste. 117-314
West Chicago, Illinois 60185

(630) 777-9457