Kofa International Co.

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Kofa InternationalKofa International is an export and import management company that is providing global market access for USA companies in Africa and and for African manufacturers in USA. Our global business and financial solutions to every qualified public and private sectors using USA ECAs to facilitate low cost financing and long tenure for capacity building of qualified African companies to pay US exporters.

We thus help African buyers on credit to establish international Company and Credit Profiles for them to grow perpetually.

We are client focused that markets Made in USA in every industry and have used US Exim Bank Programs for both public and private sectors in these industries but not limited to mining, manufacturing, maritime, Telecom, Logistic, services without any bad debt in the over 20 years of service. We work through USA Embassies in Africa to facilitate Exim Bank Loans to Africans.

Kofa International is determined to increase overall African market share of export to USA to satisfy our job creation goal in both USA and in Africa. We service all African countries that USA credit ECAS programs are available.

We also have Americas4Africa.org a 501C3 organization that we are using for Corporate Social Responsibility in Africa that is now looking for PPE for African hospitals. We are also looking for used laptops and laboratory equipment for schools in Africa under our human development program to improve quality education and qaulity health delivery in Africa.

Ganiyu Dada, President & CEO

762 Torrington Drive
Naperville, IL 60565
(630) 428-9750