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Marketing Mana LLC

Marketing Mana works with small businesses to create powerful connections with your ideal customers through relevant marketing strategies.

They guide you through the marketing essentials, including:

• Mission
• Vision
• Core Values
• SMART goals
• Branding
• Customer Segments
• Customer Journeys
• Website strategy
• Content strategy
• Social media strategy
• Metrics and optimization

Results vary based on your goal, you may see your marketing dollars work smarter, an increase in your desired social media followers, a more efficient marketing process, reduction in touchpoints within your sales cycle, improved internal and external communication, and intentional campaigns based on a deeper understanding of your customer.

Alexis Rago is the marketing strategy coach who kicks you in the okole to take action, through Assessment, Strategy, and Structure, she helps you create an action plan with easy-to-follow next steps, holding you accountable so you achieve your marketing goals. With a solid marketing strategy customized for your small business, and action plans focused on goals and customers, you’ll see the growth you know is possible.

Alexis offers one-on-one hourly consultations where you can use the hour to discuss any marketing challenge or question you have. Alexis’ toolkit based on 20+ years of varied experience in the corporate and agency world, combined with her MBA focused on marketing strategy and corporate strategy at Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, provides an array of options that allow her to custom tailor a solution to your business needs.

If you need a deep dive solution quickly, Mana Marathons take an intense look at your marketing and provide answers and an actionable plan within 3 weeks. First, they set SMART goals during a Discovery session (2 hours), week 2 hosts two collaborative half-day sessions (4 hours each), and they wrap up with an action plan the last week (2 hours).

Everything you’ve done for your business in the past has got you to where you are today. If you want a different future, you must do something different today. Talk to Marketing Mana about your marketing goals and challenges.  Set up a complimentary new client consultation today!


Alexis Rago, Big Kahuna


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