Organic Hair Care (OHC) Hair and Skin Care for Everyone

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Organic Hair Care, (OHC) is a hair and skin care line for everyone. It contains certified organic ingredients, is sulfate/paraben free and it’s perfect not only for the mom who’s always on the go and on a budget but also for the entire family.

Meet Claudia Carmicheal

Claudia Carmicheal founded OHC using her background in pharmaceutical sales, marketing, and beauty industry to create products that filled the gap by offering products that balanced efficacy and safety by protecting natural oils on hair and skin, but were not abrasive.

A Perfect Synergy Between Nature and Lab

As a mother that was forced to constantly read labels due to her children’s allergies and sensory needs; Claudia decided that the world needed safer beauty products on the market. So she created Organic Hair Care, or what she describes as “a perfect synergy between nature and lab”.

During these unprecedented times, OHC is committed to working with innovative Doctors and Chemists to continue to create and develop quality, affordable, hair and beauty products that are safe and effective for the whole family.

  • To support the community OHC is also offering:
  • Free shipping across the U.S. thru the end of May,
  • Free virtual makeup & hair workshops and a
  • 40% savings on a “Care Box” consisting of one 8 oz Quench Shampoo, one 8 oz Quench Conditioner and one 8 oz Pomegranate & Ginger Shower Gel.


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