Radon Reduction Systems Mitigates & Raises Awareness

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Radon Reduction Systems, Inc. continues to grow and expand its services and programs. While continuing their great service mitigating local homes, they have expanded their outreach and education programs through speaking engagements at radon conferences, plumbing companies, WGN Radio, live podcasts, and exceptional social media campaigns.

As part of their commitment to the local community, they participated in the Naperville St. Patrick’s Parade where they had the pleasure of introducing “The Radon Man Superhero” to Naperville residents. They are involved with The West Suburban Irish Club & Irish Fest, sponsoring them & spreading their important message.

Radon Reduction Systems, Inc has been in business for over 30 years. And while their focus has always been Radon Mitigation, moving forward they plan on expanding their public awareness campaign on the dangers of Radon Gas. They want to make sure everyone knows to “Test Their Home for Radon” as Radon Gas “IS” the SECOND leading cause of Lung Cancer, second to cigarette smoking – They have made it their mission to save as many lives as possible.

Business Connection Guests

Dave Masa, Owner / President
Vickie Masa, Co-Owner / Vice President

Radon Reduction Systems, Inc.

1113 Cardinal Lane
Naperville, Illinois 60540
(630) 357-9474

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