The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine

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The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine is an Aurora-based, independent provider clinic, serving patients for primary care and for sports medicine needs.  During this time, the organization is still accepting new patients.  The center offers onsite x-ray, physical therapy, lab, EKG and has the ability to do casting, minor surgical procedures and various joint injections.

Seeing Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Center for Primary Care and Sports Medicine continues to see patients in office during the pandemic and operate normally as there is still a need for patients to come in for chronic disease management, injuries or other acute illness.   They have changed our flow processes to not allow anyone but the patient to come in, unless a minor or someone requiring assistance. There is no waiting in the waiting area and there are designated sick and healthy rooms.

Drive Thru Testing

Their facility is currently operating drive through patient testing for those who meet their screening criteria.  The criteria includes symptoms typical of COVID-19 such as fever and cough.  Patients who are still working in large groups or have large exposures to the public are at higher risk. Their testing does not require an authorization from the health department, as they are utilizing commercial testing, with results as soon as the next day.  Positive symptomatic patients are treated with a combination medication therapy and the center has seen results of patient’s recovering in 2-3 days. With the interventions, there has been a 100% success and has had any patient have to utilized the hospital from emergency room to inpatient admission to ICU.  If patients are symptomatic, they are encouraged to call their office and leave a message on the COVID-19 line. They can also go to their website and book an appointment at and put COVID Screening in the reason for visit. You do not have to be a patient.  They will screen you over the phone and determine if you should be tested or seen in the office.

(630) 375-1625

3965 75th Street
Suite 103
Aurora, Illinois 60504

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