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The Reading Tree helps with test prep and more serving the Naperville area for over 30 years. We offer both test prep for ACT, SAT, and Catholic High School Entrance and individual tutoring for all subject areas. We continually update our test prep programs to ensure we are providing the best test prep for students, often resulting in scholarships to elite colleges and universities.

Zoom and Google Learning

We are currently using Zoom and Google meets for our sessions and look forward to meeting in person when it is safe to do so.

Our certified, highly knowledgeable instructors are available to assist with school material to further understanding of class materials.

We provide individual instruction in all school subjects from Kindergarten through college as well as individual and group test prep for ACT, SAT, and Catholic High School entrance exams.

Our instructors are certified teachers who have been tutoring for several years. We work with all levels of learners.

Great Time to Prep

This is a great opportunity for your high school junior to improve their test scores on the ACT test. While schools will offer a day in the fall for students to take the SAT they missed in April, the ACT is currently still being held in June and July.

Since students have extra time now, and we meet (Zoom or Google) with students rather than host a webinar, it is the perfect time for them to work on test prep. This will also put them at an advantage when applying for college since they will have their best scores well before the deadline to submit scores.

Our website has a full list of prices and services. You can email or call to schedule individual sessions. Our class registrations can be found on our website along with the schedule of classes.

Maximizing Results. Maximizing Potential.

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