Tuk Tuk Naperville

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Tuk Tuk’s are a fun, 100% Electric way of getting around downtown Naperville. We operate within a 2.5 mile radius from downtown. We provide point A to point B rides from people’s homes in the area to downtown shopping, restaurants & bars, and riverwalk. We also provide 30 minute to 1 hour tours for visitor’s and residents. These tours are a great way for up to six people to see teardown homes, riverwalk, downtown area, college campus, landmarks, and Christmas lights in the winter. The best way to order rides and tours is through our free app “Tuk Tuk Time”. Point A to point B rides can be ordered and paid for with in the app. For tours, there is a button to click from the main dashboard that will take you to the tour booking page. Tours can also be booked on our website tuktuknaperville.com.

Bill Hamik, Owner
Chris Parker, Manager

614 E 5th Ave
Naperville, Illinois 60563

(331) 777-0332