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VIRTUTEM is a technology and business consulting company bringing business data to life, so decision-makers have better information on the health of every sector of their business. From transforming your accounting system to automating your supply chain to managing your customer relations — they provide world-class business solutions that help you compete in today’s ever-changing business environment.

VIRTUTEM offers enterprise solutions and is a trusted Infor Alliance Partner, Oracle NetSuite Solutions Partner, and Zoho Authorized Partner. Whether you are an existing user of technologies from these organizations or you are considering another vendor’s solution to address your business issues, they can assist you. Their Infor expertise is concentrated in the Infor LX, Infor PRMS, Infor XA, Infor CloudSuite Industrial, and other IBM iSeries ERP solutions, while their Oracle NetSuite expertise is focused on their Cloud Business Management software, and lastly, their Zoho expertise centers around their cloud-based operating system for business.

VIRTUTEM goes beyond delivering technology and implementing new software. They offer a broader business perspective to ensure your technology investment is wisely spent and helps you achieve your strategic business initiatives.

By asking questions and listening, VIRTUTEM helps identify and implement the right software solutions for your business needs. VIRTUTEM helps clients of all sizes effectively manage their supply chains, gain visibility into all areas of the business, and become more agile by leveraging technology solutions.

They’ve found in working with their clients that pre-packaged software is not one size fits all, so they provide options to address your business intricacies either through business alignment, customization or writing proprietary software specifically for your needs.

VIRTUTEM combines expertise in business processes, systems integration, UX design, enterprise mobility, and cloud computing with the latest development tools and frameworks. Their developers work with Angular, Blazor, C#, Dart, Flutter, Groovy, Grails, Java, Micronaut, .Net, IBM, and other technologies to create applications that solve problems while acting and performing the way users expect to enhance overall performance.

VIRTUTEM brings wisdom, agility, diversity, and candor to the intersection of business, information technology, and operational efficiencies to leverage leading-edge information technology and solve problems. They help clients actualize ideas, reduce costs, improve operating performance, and shift staff engagement to match today’s skill set. As your trusted advisor, they exemplify respect and integrity as they constantly strive to do better in all their endeavors that fit your enterprise software and business needs.

If your workforce has wondered why things aren’t easier, they can offer a solution. VIRTUTEM embodies decades of enterprise software experience.

To discuss how to improve your business operations, reduce costs, and create opportunities for advanced information technology to boost your business. Set up a complimentary consultation today.

VIRTUTEM: Your Enterprise Solution Technology Partner

Alwyn Francis, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
6808 Hobson Valley Dr, Suite 110
Woodridge, IL 60517
(630) 299-4747

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