2019 State of the City Address

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Mayor Steve Chirico delivers the 2019 State of the City Address using the theme of Monopoly. The game describes Naperville’s friendly competition, vision and strategy.

The 2019 State of the City Address follows a Monopoly board through topics like property tax, the I-88 corridor and free parking.

One of Chirico’s main priorities is property tax and financial stability.  In his fourth State of the City Address, Chirico reports the City of Naperville has the lowest municipal tax rate in 50 years.

“You can’t always do what’s popular. You have to do what’s responsible,” said Chirico.

Chirico also discussed vacant properties along the I-88 corridor. The old Nokia building, the old OfficeMax building and the iconic “N” building are just some of the properties Chirico says have turned into “tax-generating space”.

Just last year, Naperville launched a new Downtown Parking Viewer. It shows how many spots are open in parking decks and shows parking trends over time to help plan visits.

Unlike Monopoly, Mayor Chirico’s address reminds residents “there are no winners or losers when we work together”.

“Innovation, courage, and strong vision is what will move Naperville into the next decade.”