ICO celebrates 10 years at India Day Parade 2023

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On Sunday, August 13th, Indian Community Outreach (ICO) celebrated India Day in downtown Naperville. Kicking off the event was the India Day Parade. The parade, starting at Naperville North High School, included 70 participants and was comprised of many colorful floats from various Indian Heritage groups, traditional Indian dances and dress, and lively music. Meghna Bansal, Smita Bhatia, and Mike Reilly acted as MC’s for the event, announcing and giving information on each parade entry. The parade drew thousands of participants and spectators which lined the street to observe the vibrant celebration.

After the parade, the crowd was invited to partake in more festivities to celebrate India’s independence day at a celebration at Rotary Hill Park in Naperville. Some highlights included; Bollywood performances, Indian food, a children’s park, fashion show, shopping, and a local talent show. This year was ICO’s 8th annual India Day celebration, which celebrated 76 years of independence for India.

Formation of Indian Community Outreach

Founded in 2013 by former mayor George Pradel, the inception of Indian Community Outreach (ICO) was a direct response to the burgeoning Indian population in Naperville, which had surged to nearly 10% at that time. Guided by the leadership of Krishna Bansal, the esteemed chairman of the organization, ICO is dedicated to engaging with residents on their own terms, through enlightening seminars, enjoyable gatherings, and meaningful outreach initiatives.

ICO’s principal objective revolves around the celebration, integration, and safeguarding of the rich cultural heritage and noteworthy contributions made by Indian Americans. By cultivating a sense of devotion to civic participation, the organization actively encourages its members to immerse themselves in our local community, thereby contributing to the advancement and enhancement of our city’s progress.

For more details on this year’s India Day Celebration, check out this news story¬†from NCTV17.