Listen to Our Young Artists – 2020 Virtual OPUS

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Virtual Virtuoso Performers

Due to the 2020 pandemic, the musicians at Naperville’s OPUS performers had to perform from home this year. But a remote performance couldn’t stop the music from being as impeccable as ever! OPUS pioneered one of the first chamber music virtual camps this year, and the hard work of those that attended the camp is on full display.

It was a brand new experience not just for some of the performers, but for OPUS as well. Remote or virtual performing is something that no one was prepared to do, but everyone was willing to try. In just two months students were enrolled, taught, recorded and the final product was finished and posted online.

About OPUS

The OPUS vision is to enrich the community with beautiful orchestral and chamber music. The mission of OPUS is to provide inspirational and exciting opportunities for young people to build awareness of, cultivate, nurture, and strengthen performing arts by expanding their chamber music and orchestral skills. The OPUS programs are designed to encourage students to improve their musical skills and at the same time to grow socially by promoting friendships in an honest and ethical environment.

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