Making the Most

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Residents Share How They’re Making the Most of This Time

In this special program, “Making the Most,” Naperville Community Television is sharing photos and videos submitted by viewers…for viewers, showing how we’re all making the most of these times at home. Our hope is to lift spirits and encourage people to feel connected to their community, even while apart.

Variety of Submissions

More than 70 individuals, families and organizations submitted content for this program – and we appreciate each and every one of them!  All were special in their own way and all very different. Some included hilarious moments (a teacher in a unicorn costume in the woods!) while others showed just how creative our Naperville community is at this time (two siblings spent hours building their own Rube Goldberg Machine!). Others included musical talents, science experiments, and even a card trick!

Finding the Good

NCTV17 has you covered with daily news updates on what’s happening around town, including important information on the pandemic.  We know this is a difficult time and while it’s important to share the tough news, it’s also important that we find the good in all of this.  It’s important that we celebrate the positive in life and cherish even the littlest moments of happiness.  That’s where this program comes in, with the intention of bringing a reprieve from the stress many of us are facing during the stay-at-home order.

One of the good things to come out of this extraordinary time in history is seeing how many in the Naperville area are stepping up to help others. In addition to many fun moments in this show, you’ll also get a glimpse of how people are making the most of their time in inspiring ways, whether that be making protective masks, donating food to our healthcare workers or first responders, or just taking a few minutes out of the day to craft a sign of encouragement to put in their windows to brighten the day for people passing by.