Super NCHS Drumshow 2019

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The Super NCHS Drumshow

The 2019 Super NCHS Drumshow takes audience members through the ultimate gaming experience. This superstar edition features video game medleys and twelve other classic Nintendo performances. The Naperville Central High School Drumshow is one of Northern Illinois’s premiere high school percussion ensembles. In a style of BlueMan Group and STOMP, NCHS Drumshow features high school students displaying high-energy drumming

The Players

The NCHS Drumshow cast is made up of seniors Prateek Duller, Caleb Frank, Nathanael Lee and John Pohovey. They’re joined by juniors Tori Charmoli, Andrew Merck, Mo Park and Joe Reed as swell as sophomores Simeon Lee,Patrick Longhitano, Paari Thanikachalam and freshmen Jeremy Chou and Stephen Hoffman. The cast is joined by guest artist Bones Jugs hailing from Urbana, IL.

The Directors

Tim Berg, Brad Stirtz and Brandon Estes guide Naperville Central High School students through the art of musicianship on a number of instruments. The aim of NCHS Drumshow is to present a professional, high-caliber musical experience that speaks to audience members in a number of ways.Over twenty years after its inception, the NCHS Drumshow still entertains and draws families from across the Midwest to its annual concerts.

Looking for a Throwback?

Watch past NCHS Drumshow performances broadcast by NCTV17.