The Cop and the Convict

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An unforgettable, thought-provoking presentation that provides teens and their parents insight and education exposing the accidental road to addiction. From junior high school to college students, the Cop and the Convict boldly outlines challenges teens face every day. The drug abuse epidemic has continued to grow nationwide in ways we’ve never seen before. The potency of these drugs, and their availability in our communities and schools is staggering. We owe it to our children, and ourselves to learn the telling signs and proactive strategies to protect our families and communities from falling victim.
Rich Wistocki and Tim Ryan truly care about their audience and will not leave until every question is answered. These presenters have the proven knowledge and resources to beat addiction and find recovery options for family or loved ones in need, with or without health insurance. “We will stay at your event until the last person leaves … To Be Aware, is To Be Alive!”