The Path Forward: Talking About Naperville’s Economy

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In these unprecedented times of a pandemic, many businesses have come to a crossroads. The stay-at-home order has shuttered  companies, forcing innovation or closure, putting immense strain on local economies across America.   Naperville is not immune, but what is the path forward to re-open our businesses and move the economy ahead? To discuss Naperville’s economy, host Liz Spencer is joined by:

Steve Chirico – Mayor of the City of Naperville

Christine Jeffries – President of the Naperville Development Partnership

Katie Woods – Executive Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance

Kaylin Risvold – CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

The panel discussed many key topics and addressed many of the residents’ concerns about the path forward.

  • To begin the conversation, Liz asked each person to give their viewpoint of where Naperville’s business and economy was, as of Wednesday, April 15, 2020.
  • What is the ripple effect of business closures and sales drop offs on the taxes that fund much of Naperville?
  • What business or industry is doing well in these times?
  • How has this pandemic inspired creativity or innovation?
  • If the Stay at Home order is extended, how will that impact Naperville?
  • How do you see Naperville’s businesses re-opening?
  • How will the new standards of social distancing and sanitation impact how businesses serve their customers?
  • The financial impact of 2008 was felt for a long time. The recessions following both the Spanish Flu of 1920 and the Flu of 1958 had a quicker recovery. What do you predict for COVID-19? 

The conclusion was one of hope, resiliency, and most of all, strength in our community.

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