The Pros And Cons of Recreation Cannabis in Naperville

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The Pros and Cons of the legalization of recreational cannabis sales within Naperville.

In a special NCTV17  presentation of Talking Point,  we have a  conversation about the pros and cons of  the legalization of recreational cannabis sales within Naperville.

October of 2019, the Naperville City Council voted to put a non binding referendum on the March 17, 2020 ballot to give the citizens of Naperville an opportunity to weigh in on the decision of legalizing recreational cannabis sales within the city limits.

In an effort to present both sides of the issue together, I welcome, Steve Chirico to speak on opting in for recreational cannabis sales and Kevin Coyne representing the opting out view point.

Both gentlemen are representing their own point of view and not that of the City of Naperville.

This program is designed to hear from both sides of the issue across five distinct points of discussion. Both sides will be given equal opportunity to speak and present their point of view. As the moderator, I encourage educated discourse about the topic at hand and at all times respect for both view points and those presenting them.

The five areas of focus are:

  • Public Health
  • Public Safety
  • Revenue
  • The Black Market
  • Community

For each part of the conversation, each participant will have up to a minute and half for his answer, followed by a minute for rebuttal.

The non-binding referendum on the ballot is:

“Shall the City of Naperville, in light of state legislation legalizing the possession, consumption, and sale of recreational adult use cannabis, allow the sale of recreational adult use cannabis within its jurisdiction?”