Ambrose Plumbing hits walk-off homer to win Majors AA Championship

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It’s the Majors AA Championship at Nike Park on Naperville Little League Baseball Championship day on NCTV17. Remember to order a personal copy of the game by visiting the NCTV17 online store and purchasing an MP4 download.

We’re at Nike Park for the 2023 Majors AA City Championship between the Flying Squirrels and Ambrose Plumbing Royal Flush. Jeremiah Ro from the Royal Flush is out of town, but his team still brought him out for lineup introductions. Flying Squirrel players Logan Greene and Will Eagan are looking to bring home the title, while Royal Flush’s Eli Meslin looks to become the second person in his family to win the Majors AA Championship after his brother did in 2020. Just as the game gets started, a plane carrying a Flying Squirrels banner is spotted over the field.

Flying Squirrels start off hot

In the top of the first, Braden Matthews gets on base for the Flying Squirrels, advancing a runner to second base and into scoring position.

The next at-bat, Max Morgan stripes one into center and over the outfielder’s head. It scores Anderson Holba, who reached earlier on a walk, and Matthews. The Flying Squirrels are up 2-0.

Later in the order, Ty Larson knocks one up the middle which gives Morgan a chance to score from second. The throw to the plate is just off the mark and Morgan squeezes into home for a run. The Squirlles end the top of the first up 3-0.

Into the bottom of the first, Royal Flush’s Jayden Gamble tries to check his swing but connects on the ball. He gets thrown out at first, but it’s enough to score Lucas Kulaga. Royal Flush cuts its deficit to two.

Runners on the corners now for the Royal Flush, but it’s Flying Squirrels pitcher, Luke Mattson who records the strikeout to get out of the inning.

In the top of the second, Brady Vogel sends one past the second baseman’s glove for a single.

And now in the bottom half of the inning, Royal Flush’s Colin Stack shows bunt and reaches first base with a walk.

Isaac Yi is next up for the Flush and he shows off his patience, recording a walk and setting up a bases-loaded situation for his team.

Both teams showcase impressive defense

The next at-bat is a big one, as the Flush hit a liner right at Morgan who’s playing third base. He gets the fly-out and thinks he got the tag-out, but the umpire calls the runner safe. Morgan throws the ball down and the flush sends its runner home to try and score, but the squirrels are quick to get the throw home and the runner is called out. A crazy double play in the biggest game of the year!

Into the top of the third, Jack Serbinski fields the ground ball well at second base and gets the runner out with plenty of time.  

The next at-bat sees a pop-up to first basement Barrett Andler who stays composed for the catch and records the second out of the inning. Flying Squirells still lead 3-1.

Shortstop, Tristan Russian scampers from second base to centerfield and snags the third out of the inning.

Next half of the third inning and a pop fly is hit high into the air towards right fielder, Sebastian Velasquez. He tracks down the ball and gets the catch for the Squriells.

In the same inning, another ball is popped up, but this time to third basemen, Nathan Ishikawa who records the catch. Flying Squirells still hold on to a 3-1 lead to end the third.

Moving to the bottom of the fourth, a screaming line drive shot is hit towards George Maloney who reacts fast for the catch! He laughs it off with his teammate and reenacts the great snag.

Flying Squirells trying to hold onto the lead

Top of the fifth, Royal Flush’s, Tristan Russian throws one down quickly to first base and it’s in time as the umpire calls him out. The two umpires talk it over and the call stands at first.

In the bottom of the fifth, the Royal Flush still trails 3-1. Luke Napp records a single here as he just drops it between three Flying Squriell players.

Kyle Wostratzky now pitching for the Squirrels, and he gets into the action early, fielding a grounder and throwing to Larson at first for the out.

A Royal walk-off for the Royal Flush

In the top of the sixth, the Squirrels look to add to its lead, but it’s Gavin Hundt who gets the catch in center. The Royal Flush head into the bottom of the sixth down two.

One out in the sixth, Lucas Kulaga belts one into right field and is just a couple of feet away from a home run. He reaches second base standing up and the Royal Flush has some life.

Next at-bat, Brady Conway is able to reach base safely after a very high pop fly into the shallow outfield. Runners are on the corners now for the Flush.

Wostrazky has been pitching well since coming in for relief and records a massive strikeout to put two outs on the scoreboard.

With the season on the line, Royal Flush’s homerun leader, Jayden “Big Smooth” Gamble has runners on the corners. He absolutely nukes one over the left-field wall and walks the game off in fashion. It’s Gamble’s 7th home run on the season but this one is the biggest and the one he’ll always remember. 

The Royal Flush defeat the Flying Squirrels 4-3, as Gamble drove in all four runs and the team ends the season with a 21-1 record.