Three Naperville caddies earn a full-ride scholarship

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Most 18-year-olds can only dream of a full-ride scholarship. But it’s now a reality for Naperville North’s Jordyn Cleary, Naperville Central’s Aubrey Nestoras, and Metea Valley’s Logan Jaramillo. They are three out of 325 golf caddies across the nation to earn free tuition and housing to a four-year-college thanks to the Chick Evans Scholarship.

More about the prestigious scholarship

The Western Golf Association has provided the Chick Evans Scholarship to caddies who have demonstrated excellence on and off the greens, since 1930.

“So you have to be a caddie for a minimum of two years, said Jaramillo. You have to have, I’d say, probably around 100 loops under your belt, and you have to display like outstanding academics at school and some financial need as well, and so with that, it’s a long process going into it”.

Jaramillo caddies at Stonebridge Country Club in Aurora, while Cleary and Nestoras caddying at Naperville Country Club. All three met the scholarship requirements and underwent a lengthy application process. All three were equally thrilled to hear they’d been chosen.

The Naperville caddies reactions to the life-changing moment

“I was actually at work when my sister got it, and she was like, it came, and I was like, okay, I’m leaving early…and I just started screaming, I started crying. I started jumping for joy. It was one of the best moments of my life,” said Nestoras.

“It was breathtaking at first and then like just celebration from then on,” said Jaramillo.

“I was just nervous to open it in front of them because I didn’t want it to be a no… and the first word I read was ‘congratulations’, said Cleary. And before I could even tell them, you know, I got it. I got it. I just started bawling my eyes out”.

Being a scholar has its benefits

Though all three are still waiting to discover which college they’ll be at next year, they’re very clear about the far-reaching impact this scholarship will have.

“[Chick] Evans [scholarship] will allow you to go to college, said Nestoras. It will allow you to further your future and develop people, connections, marketing, and you will come out successful”.

“It’s life-changing. Not only does it financially take the burden off my parents when I’m going to college, but being a part of the Evans Scholar family is almost a springboard to your future, said Cleary. You have now joined this network of people that are all rooting for you and all want to support you, and you guys all have one thing in common that you caddied, and you achieved such a big award as Evans scholar. And so I think not only is it the scholarship, but it’s also now the people that I’m going to get to meet along the way”.

For Naperville News 17, I’m Marcel Francis