Dating mistakes that keep you single

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Are you making dating mistakes that are keeping you single? Dating, love, and relationships are some of Dana’s favorite topics and she is passionate about people finding the companionship they seek and the love they deserve.  In this Dana Being Dana episode, she is joined by four single friends who have experience in the modern dating world and they offer their unique perspectives on the missteps that could be holding you back from finding “The One.”

What do single people want in a potential partner?

Although this varies person to person, the general consensus of the panel was that confidence makes a potential partner stand out from the crowd of prospects. The idea of confidence tied into Dana’s question about the gender roles that exist within the modern dating arena- Can the woman make the first move? Guest Samuel Gilbert has seen a mixture of both men and women initiating conversation, while guest Michael Rotolo said a lot of people are stuck in their ways of old-fashioned gender roles when it comes to dating. Ultimately, the group concluded that having the openness to approach a potential prospect is an attractive display of confidence that ignites a sense of curiosity for a budding relationship.  Although confidence tops the chart as an attractive feature, the panel discussed how the right mate will ideally possess a balance of many different features, whether that be physical attractiveness, rootedness in religious beliefs, or intelligence.

How do you avoid common dating mistakes?

The group talked at length about the importance of dating only when you are emotionally ready and have healed wounds from past relationships. This is especially prevalent with the topic of trust, as trust issues going into a relationship can force pressure that can cause a new relationship to crumble. The panel was split on their view of sex in the context of dating, guest Janet Millan believes sexual intimacy too early on can take away from the joys of getting to know someone and that sexual chemistry is only a piece of the puzzle, while other guests believe the vulnerability that comes with sex can deepen your connection with a person regardless if it is early on in the relationship or not. Ultimately, the importance lies in finding the balance of traits that is right for you in a potential relationship, and that is going to look different for everyone.

What are the relationship experts saying?

The episode concludes with a conversation with relationship expert Dr. Laura Bokar on how to find and keep love. She talks about her book, “We Need to Talk: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships” and offers couples tips on how they can maintain a healthy relationship in a modern world. Among her tips is the idea of introducing a potential partner to your group of friends to see how they might fit into your life. This can be something as simple as bringing a date to your next game night gathering. Shared fun activities are some of the best aspects of dating and individuals should remember that dating should be just that- fun!

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