Having a Healthy Sex Life

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“Dana Being Dana” is a show all about the human connection and living life intentionally and what better connector is there to bring two people together than sex?

“Sex as an enjoyable experience is one of those things that calls us out of our isolation and puts us in harmony with one another,” says Lee H. Butler, Jr., PhD and a professor of religion at Phillips Theological Seminary.  “It’s about baring your soul and being the most vulnerable.”

The show’s other guests include Dr. Alexis Dunne, Internal Medicine of Advocate Aurora Health Care; Dr. Symone Lewis, Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Reiki Practitioner; Abigail Tiu-Kemph, Qualified Mental Health Professional at Taking Control Counseling; Karen Trimble Alliaume, Professor of Theology and Codirector of the Women’s Studies Program at Lewis University; Mark D. Gomez, MD, CEO of MDG Wellness, LLC and doctor with Edward Medical Group.

Healthy Sex is Healthy Living

Dana and her guests discuss the challenges and also benefits of having healthy sex and explore ways to improve your sex life, from physiological, psychological, and religious perspectives.

“It has been proven that having good sex makes one healthier and happier,” Dana says.  “It is my intention to get you out of your head and into your bed.”

“Women that are happy with themselves don’t have to look perfect but they have to be confident and feel like they’re sexual beings or they’re never going to have that satisfaction or that intimacy to get to that point to enjoy another person,” said Dunne.

What Is Good Sex?

“I think people are coming into sex with an idea of what it should be and not being present in the act,” said Lewis. “If people just engage in loving their body and understanding what’s pleasurable to them and their partner, they’ll have better sex.”

“I feel like love has something to do with it but [also] trust” says Tiu-Kemph about having good sex.  “When two people trust each other, they are able to communicate their wants and needs with each other in that way.”

“Statistically, couples in their 30s and 40s have the most robust sex,” says Gomez.  “But it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sex throughout the lifespan.  When I think about my older patients in my practice, it tends to take on this connotation of more deeper meaning as you get older, as body changes in physiology, changes in environment and health that can really affect the intimacy factor of sex.

 About Dana

Dana Michelle is a Naperville resident who is passionate about life.  Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, she is now a Naperville resident and a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Chicago Law School.  An attorney and mother, Dana divorced in 2015, unleashing a new lease on life.  She has a live radio show on intellectualradio.com on Wednesdays at 9pm and is excited to bring that show to television audiences on Naperville Community Television each month.

Previously, Dana has appeared on “He Said She Said” with Wanda Bee, “The Drive at 5” with Roman, and “Jaw Jackin” with Bob and T.C., and she was a relationship advisor on the “Gift of Gab Show” with Gabby Smith.