Powerful Partners

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What kind of Powerful Partner are you? On this Dana Being Dana, Dana Michelle is joined by six women who have found purpose and success in collaborating and connecting with other women vs. competing.  All of the women left corporate America to step out on their own and build businesses that thrive on relationships and connections.

Tune into this powerful episode to learn how to build meaningful relationships with other women and make connections to help entrepreneurship thrive!

Guests on the Show

About Dana

Dana Davenport is a Naperville resident who is passionate about life.  Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, she is now a Naperville resident and a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Chicago Law School.  An attorney and mother, Dana divorced in 2015, unleashing a new lease on life.  She has a live radio show on intellectualradio.com on Wednesdays at 9 pm and is excited to bring that show to television audiences on Naperville Community Television each month.

Previously, Dana has appeared on “He Said She Said” with Wanda Bee, “The Drive at 5” with Roman, and “Jaw Jackin” with Bob and T.C., and she was a relationship advisor on the “Gift of Gab Show” with Gabby Smith.