BUSINESS WORKS Advocacy Network Making an Impact on Naperville Business

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The BUSINESS WORKS network inside the Chamber promotes advocacy and an engagement opportunity for community members and business owners into state, local and federal level matters and decisions that impact the Naperville business community.

Show Guests

These local experts dive into the role of this network in advocacy on state, local and federal levels. They discuss initiatives that they are pursuing that work for business. And, they highlight their efforts to bring meaningful programs to our community that bring the big players and decision makers.

After the break, panelists Christina Caton Kitchel, Principal and Director of Leasing at Caton Commercial Real Estate Group and Kevin M. Gensler, Partner at Dommermuth, Cobine, West, Gensler, Philipchuck & Corrigan, Ltd. dive into the role of the Candidate Resource Committee (CRC) on disseminating the overwhelming amount of information that amasses during elections to the community, the CRC’s process to endorse candidates, and how you can find all of the information you need to make an educated decision at the next election.

About the Chamber

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is more than a networking group. We are a thinking organization. Formed by the businesses among us – emerging, small, mid-size, and large global subsidiaries, we are led by professionals off all ages that embrace BOLD thinking as the foundation of who we are.

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You can remote watch more episodes on today’s top business trends and issues, especially as they affect Naperville.  To find out more about how the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce is driving economic growth through active engagement and advocacy for the business community, visit its website.