How to Manage Change

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Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce’s new CEO Kaylin Risvold brings the appropriate topic of how to manage change to her first episode.

Joining her on set are Adam Russo, the Founder/CEO Edgewood Clinical Services and Erin Kasch, Director of OEM programs at Dealer Inspire.

How to Manage Change

“Change is funny. Everyone talks about that they don’t like change but I haven’t met one person who lives a life that doesn’t change”, says Adam Russo.

Dealer Inspire, describes itself as the innovative, scrappy disruptor building unprecedented technologies for dealers to sell and service more cars. It also fully embraces the idea of change

“So, we embrace that constant we know change is inevitable in a growing company. So, we like to look at that as opportunity and really help our employees understand what you did today and how you did it today is going to look different tomorrow just by the nature of the business, “ explains Erin Kasch.

Adam Russo continues, “ It’s funny how we as struggle as individual. We crave security and predictability yet it never comes. So our mentality and attitude around change so its important to really think about being open and expecting it rather than hold status quo for as long as possible because the odds are its never going to happen.

Tips on Handling Change

  • Attitude – Have an attitude that embraces flexibility, innovation and change
  • Dig In – Understanding why and how you contribute a different perspective
  • Be realistic – especially on change and timeline

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