Ashley South City Council Candidate

Ashley South is running for City Council in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Ashley South

I left home at 17 and worked full-time. Put myself through College of DuPage and ultimately Columbia University in New York. I was elected to Student Council and received a Community Service Award. I graduated with a degree in political science. I came back to Chicago and worked my way up in Finance. I put in long hours, earned a designation in treasury management, and became the project manager for Zelle (among other things) for the Investment Bank of JPMorgan.

Service: I was a reader to 2nd graders (3 years) and mentor to high school girls in underserved communities (7 years), eventually serving on the board of that organization. My now-husband was living in Naperville with his teenage children when we met. We were married on the Riverwalk and chose to raise our young son here. 

In 2021, I made a conscious decision to be more a part of my community and start a business focused on telling stories of our community. My business is dedicated to the community of Naperville by highlighting businesses, resources, community leaders and volunteers, history, and our incredible library. 

What does Ashley South want to accomplish if elected to City Council?

I have a unique intersectionality of a political science degree, life in service, strong background in finance, am a small business owner, and am heavily community focused! 

I am focused on a Thriving Naperville: 

Local Businesses – Level field for small business so have as much power as large corps, draw unique businesses, invest of walkability in retail areas in north AND south neighborhoods. 

Neighborhoods – Help people suffering mental/physical crisis, ensure equal city funding to all qualified groups, address affordable housing. 

City Services – Prioritize sustainability report, commit city to “going green,” infuse greater transparency to process of how fill boards and commissions. 

From NCTV17

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