Catey Genc Indian Prairie 204 Board Candidate

Catey Genc is running for the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Catey Genc

I am a district parent that has spent the last 11 years volunteering at different levels in our schools. I have run dozens of events both at the school and district levels. I have been PTA president of 4 different PTAs and am currently the Indian Prairie Parents Council President. 

My priority, besides raising my two teenage sons, is to help make the school experience the best it can possibly be for our students and staff. This is a wonderful district with so much to be proud of. There is always room for growth and change though, and the school board is a vital part of that. My experiences with many different schools, parents, students, and staff in the district have helped to give me a unique perspective on the needs of our community. 

Why is Catey Genc running for the Indian Prairie 204 School Board?

Our students have been dealing with so much the last couple of years and the district has been doing great work in mental health care and SEL. There is so much more that they will be doing in the coming years and I look forward to being a part of that. 

I believe all of our children should be able to feel safe, seen, and heard in school. I have worked with many people on different boards throughout my 11 years, and that experience will carry over to my ability to work with the school board. I love this district and the people in it and want to continue to put our students first to help give them the best school experience we can.

From NCTV17

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