City Council Forum hosted by Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation and Senior Task Force

The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation (NAHC) and Senior Task Force hosted its follow-up city council forum on Tuesday, February 28, at the Naperville Municipal Center. Mark Wright, the moderator from the first forum,  returned to moderate.

The following candidates were in attendance

Meghna Bansal
Nag Jaiswal
Patrick Kelly
Allison Longenbaugh
Josh McBroom
Ashley South
Ashfaq Syed
Jodi Trendler
Madhu Uppal
Nate Wilson

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin was not able to attend the forum.

Questions for the candidates

Members of the host organizations submitted questions in advance to all the candidates for the city council forum.

The first round of five questions required candidates to answer within 30 seconds. Those questions ranged from asking how the candidates expected to work with the city manager and staff, to possible developments on city-owned property, to whether they would vote to make video slot machine gambling legal in Naperville.

Those were soon followed by lightning round questions about such topics as the Safety Act, to what each candidate has checkout out of the Naperville Public Library.

The last round of questions could be answered within 45 seconds, and Wright introduced them as more serious questions. Leading of was how each candidate felt about the SECA fund, how they responded to the idea of a new parking garage in Downtown Naperville, and how they imagined attracting new businesses to Naperville and grow its economic development.

Each candidate was given the opportunity for closing remarks.

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