Jodi Trendler City Council Candidate

Jodi Trendler is running for City Council in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Jodi Trendler 

Jodi has called Naperville home for 27 years. She raised her family here and has spent 20 years as an engaged community volunteer. For the last ten years, Jodi has served as Executive Director for The Resiliency Institute, a non-profit she founded to focus on resilience and sustainability building for our community and others. 

Her most recent accomplishment was serving as founding Chair for the Naperville Environment and Sustainability Task Force (NEST), which now serves as the advisory body to City Council on sustainability issues. Through this initiative, she recruited and led seven teams of over 40 expert community volunteers and worked with City leadership, local businesses, and community organizations to create the “Sustainable Naperville 2036” report that was adopted by City Council in 2021. This report identifies over 80 ways to reduce our community-wide greenhouse gas emissions, protect our environment and people, create sustainable economic development, and save taxpayers money. 

She has worked passionately, behind the scenes and publicly, with City leadership, school districts, the park district, community organizations, businesses, and residents for the past 15 years to ensure our community is proactively moving toward a thriving, safe, resilient future.

Why is Jodi Trendler running for City Council?

This community leadership experience, combined with her non-profit management skills and her continuous advanced education including her current pursuit of a Master’s in Sustainability through the Harvard Extension School specializing in cities and communities, has given her a deep connection to and a critical understanding for how our community works. 

Jodi has the strong knowledge base, leadership, education, and decision-making capacity necessary to be a competent, “ready to hit the ground running” member of our City Council working to protect our tax dollars, our community, and our children’s future. Be sure to vote #4 on April 4 to ensure our community thrives – now AND in the future!

From NCTV17

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