Justin Karubas Indian Prairie 204 Board Candidate

Justin Karubas is running for the Indian Prairie School District 204 Board in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Justin Karubas

I am a lifelong resident of District 204 having attended Waubonsie Valley High School, Hill Middle School, and Clow Elementary School. My wife, Katie Baker, and I have three children: Tim, Anna, and Wes. Tim is in college. Anna and Wes attend Neuqua Valley High School. My wife and I have been very active in supporting our children’s involvement in chorus, band, musicals, swimming, soccer, orchestra, and cross country. 

Why is Justin Karubas running for the Indian Prairie 204 School Board?

I’ve been a School Board Member for 10 years. During that time, the District has: 

  1. Maintained excellent academics 
  2. Reprioritized social and emotional growth 
  3. Reduced class size 
  4. Refinanced debt to lower the interest rate while retaining the term 
  5. Paid down the debt of $185.3 million 
  6. Sold off excess land 
  7. Approved a strategic plan 
  8. Completed the air conditioning in all elementary schools 
  9. Adopted an equity statement 
  10. Entered into an agreement with the City of Aurora regarding Tax Increment Financing districts which includes the re-development of the Fox Valley Mall 
  11. Re-imagined the space used by our STEPS school (Supportive Training Experiences Post-Secondary) 
  12. A School Board that has been acknowledged by the Illinois Association of School Boards as practicing effective governance 

My goals for the next term include:

  1. Comprehensive curriculum review at all schools and grade levels 
  2. Building maintenance to bring deferred maintenance current and updates for the more appropriate use of space such as non-traditional classrooms and security vestibules at entrances
  3.  Community engagement so that parents, guardians, and others use the schools and programs more effectively 

Please contact me to discuss this further. Thanks for the opportunity to serve. 

@karubas justinfor204@gmail.com

From NCTV17

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