NAHC and Senior Task Force Mayoral Candidate Forum

The Naperville Area Homeowners Confederation (NAHC) and Senior Task Force hosted its Naperville Mayoral Candidate Forum on Tuesday, March 15 at the Naperville Municipal Center, moderated by Pablo Araya.

The following candidates attended

Tiffany Stephens

Scott Wehrli

Benny White.

Questions for the candidates

Members of the Senior Task Force and the NAHC submitted questions for the Mayoral Candidate Forum.  To keep the forum within a 90-minute time frame, all the submissions were pared down to 40 questions and two lightning rounds.

After the candidates’ opening remarks, Araya led the forum off by asking how each candidate planned to work within the city’s City Manager form of government alongside the eight other members of the council.

The other questions of the evening focused on how the candidates would manage the city’s budget, the use of cannabis revenue for health and addiction services, the city’s ongooing discussions surrounding affordable housing, the time constraints of  the mayor’s responsibilities, and their views on leadership and conflict resolution.

Two rounds of rapid-fire questions followed, requiring the candidates to be as brief as possible.  They fielded questions about commercial and residential development, their leadership style, and what they felt were the city’s most pressing concerns.

The rest of the Mayoral Candidate Forum covered questions about board and commission appointment approaches, how each candidate plans to spread Naperville’s commercial success beyond the border of Downtown Naperville, affordable transportation, to their views on revisiting the at-large versus wards/district referendum from a few years ago.

Each candidate was given the opportunity for closing remarks.

From NCTV17

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