Rebecca Malotke-Meslin City Council Candidate

Rebecca Malotke-Meslin is running for City Council in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Rebecca Malotke-Meslin

I am Rebecca Malotke-Meslin, and I’m a mom of two school-aged children, a small business owner, and a proud Naperville resident. When my husband and I moved here 11 years ago with our two-year-old son, I was 30 weeks pregnant and had no friends or family living in Naperville. And yet, within months, we felt like we belonged here.

Now, 11 years later, our neighbors are more like family. With our city growing increasingly diverse, I believe building systems that foster a sense of belonging is more important than ever.

Why is Rebecca Malotke-Meslin running for City Council?

I am running to put COMMUNITY FIRST to ensure all residents feel seen, heard, and valued. I spent my career working in local government and non-profits and, most recently, as a school administrator. I now run my own small business focused on supporting women in leadership. Those professional experiences with community building, strategic planning, and codifying equitable practices uniquely qualify me to serve on City Council. 

I have a track record of building strong relationships with neighbors, colleagues, and the greater community. I am not afraid to ask tough questions, have honest conversations, and make thoughtful decisions, especially when I know it’s in the best interest of Naperville. 

Once elected, I’ll carry out the City’s mission through the following initiatives: Support Diversity and Inclusion, Invest in City Development with a Purpose, and Be a Leader Among Communities. This includes collaborating with City staff to establish comprehensive DEI systems within City services such as City boards and commissions, crafting a City-wide strategic plan, and championing innovative problem-solving and prevention strategies in response to the ever-changing landscape of public safety, public works, and the City’s human resources. 

This is an exciting time for Naperville, and I look forward to serving the community on City Council. 

From NCTV17

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