Ronald Amato Naperville 203 Board Candidate

Ronald Amato is running for the Naperville Community Unit School District 203 Board in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Ronald Amato

I am a lifelong resident of the area and a 22-year resident of Naperville. Like many families, my wife and I settled down in Naperville due to our high-quality public schools. We currently have two students in the District, who have attended public schools since preschool and now attend junior high and high school.

I am an attorney and insurance claims professional with a strong financial background. I have also been very involved in the community and have held leadership roles with several non-profits that work to improve the lives of kids, in addition to serving as an appointed Trustee of the Naperville Fighters Pension Fund Board since 2017. 

Why is Ronald Amato running for the Naperville 203 School Board? 

If elected, I will build on my past professional and board experience to further serve the community. I believe that all students deserve a quality public education, and will work and effectively communicate with all stakeholders to maintain excellent public schools while also being financially responsible. 

From NCTV17

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