Tiffany Stephens Mayoral Candidate

Tiffany Stephens is running for Mayor in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election.

A little background on Tiffany Stephens

Tiffany Stephens is an outstanding choice to serve as mayor of Naperville. As a highly experienced public servant and business leader, Tiffany offers exceptional qualifications, insight, and perspective that would shape the quality of life for every resident in the community.

Tiffany has demonstrated dedication to making positive change and improving communities through her track record and is committed to continuing service that makes a difference in the lives of Naperville residents. Tiffany Stephens is bringing her unique skillset and passion to serve all citizens of Naperville which makes her well-suited for the role as mayor.

Tiffany is an accomplished Naperville resident having resided in the city for over twenty-five years. After attending ATI in 2000, studying private investigation and pre-law, Tiffany Stephens has both actively engaged in business and is passionate about helping others; she has provided mentoring services to more than a hundred teenage girls and founded Caring For Children Daycare as well as Kids Teen Rider – a non-profit organization that provides transportation services to kids and teens within the Naperville school district. 

Tiffany is also committed to continuing her education and pursuing her business and law degrees. Tiffany Stephens is an exemplary individual who has made great contributions to her community.

From NCTV17

The written content above was submitted by the candidate. The video was produced by NCTV17 as part of our Meet the Candidates programming. All candidates in the 2023 Naperville Consolidated Election were interviewed using the same question format.

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