Fall Fridays Without Football

Fall Fridays Without Football
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Reminisce with me for a second.

It’s Friday night. You’ve just parked a mile away from the ticket booth. The walk up to the stadium takes you from twilight to near daylight thanks to brilliantly bright
banks of lights. The nervous chatter of fans, student and parents alike fill a crisp air that’s cold but a welcome change from the stuffiness of wherever you spent the
week indoors.

Tickets bought. You’re ready for the trip to your seats, decision time. Peering up at the grandstand pockets of metal bleachers shimmer while padded seats dull others and blankets canvas full rows in anticipation for the three hours to come.

But before territory can be claimed… the concession stand, and its burnt popcorn. That sweet, sweet smell of burnt popcorn.

Fridays in the fall are much, much more than the football played between the chalk lines. It’s the cap on the week. A reward, if you will, for making it through Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The marching band button up and assemble behind the endzone. The cheerleaders put the finishing touches on their rally cries and routines. The student section comes equipped with cardboard cutouts of school’s star athletes. Or, occasionally, the last player expected to make it on the field that night.

Fridays in the fall are for the community. It’s about seeing your neighbors, classmates, and family. It’s a unifier that channels everyone’s energy and passion and intensity in a singular direction. And while we will miss these nights under the shroud of autumn evening’s heavy air, we’ll simply have to wait until spring to come together once more.

– Kevin Jackman, NCTV17 Co-Sports Director