Memorial Day On a Local Level

Memorial Day on a Local Level

May 28, 2021
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This Memorial Day, we will be remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for this country, on a local level. Naperville prides itself on how it serves veterans and honors our country’s legacy. As we bow our heads and cover our hearts, let us keep in mind the responsibility we bear to honor their sacrifice for our freedoms.

This past year has truly demonstrated the vital role of one such freedom on the local level: Freedom of the Press. Local news distills the national news into how it directly impacts everyone, whether it’s about the pandemic or social issues. Benjamin Franklin was one of the first American publishers to understand how important the press is to keeping a community or a nation informed. He published the Pennsylvania Gazette, and was among the first to examine more than one side of an issue and publish different points of view.

After being criticized for printing something that went against popular opinion, Franklin wrote and published an article in the Gazette called Apology for Printers. In it, he says ‘…when truth and error have fair play, former is always an overmatch for the latter…’

This Memorial Day, and everyday, on a local level NCTV17 recognizes its responsibility as a nonprofit news organization to uphold the ideals of the founding fathers’ freedom of the press. As a nonprofit television station, NCTV17 is in a unique position to cover what is happening in the state’s third largest city. We deliver objective, fact-based, and timely journalism so people can make informed decisions at a local level.

By doing this NCTV17 is realizing our vision of an informed, connected and engaged community.

– Liz Spencer, NCTV17 Executive Director

– Carl Schultz, NCTV17 Operations Supervisor