NCTV17’s 2023 Election Coverage

Decision 2023: Live Election Coverage of Naperville
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The Naperville 2023 Election results were canvased and made official on Tuesday, April 25  and today (April 30, 2023) the new Naperville mayor and city council members were sworn in at city hall.

NCTV17 wants to recognize all 26 candidates who participated in this election cycle in the hope of serving our community. We also want to take this opportunity to thank our supporters whose philanthropic support made NCTV17’s election coverage possible.  From beginning to end, NCTV17’s election coverage was extensive.

Before The Naperville Election

NCTV17’s Liz Spencer sat down with every candidate running for Mayor, Naperville City Council, D203 & D204 School Boards, and the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners as part of our Meet the Candidates program. Each candidate’s interview aired multiple times on Channel 17 and was available online on-demand at so voters could learn more about the people asking for their vote on April 4.

The station also worked with many local organizations hosting Candidate Forums to capture those conversations and make them available to watch on air and online.

NCTV17’s goal. Give voters unfiltered information about the candidates running for office so they could make informed decisions when casting their vote in each of the five local races.

On Election Night

Right after the polls closed on Tuesday, April 4, NCTV17 began a four-hour LIVE broadcast of election results with commentary from a panel of knowledgeable community leaders, including Nancy Chen, Dr. Suzanne Chod, Dan Cronin, and Natasha Grover. The goal was to offer an unbiased and informed perspective on the 2023 election and bring viewers the unofficial results as soon as all the precincts had reported in both DuPage and Will counties. We were thrilled to receive this email from a viewer the next day:

Dear Ms. Spencer,

My family and I have lived in Naperville for the past 15 years. I am familiar with NCTV17, though candidly, mostly due to coverage of my kids’ high school athletics.

Tonight, while searching for election results, I came across the NVTV17 Livestream. I tuned in at the start – and stayed tuned through the end of the broadcast.

I am writing to thank you and commend you for such a great show. I found this evening’s coverage to be a breath of fresh air. It was positive, neutral, fair, informative, and professional. If journalists and panels at the major networks conducted themselves like you did tonight – we would all be far better off!

Thank you,

Joe Boyle

Naperville Election Results

At the conclusion of the live coverage, NCTV17 posted the unofficial election results on our website and social media platforms and continued to update them as the provisional and mail-in ballots were counted. Once the votes were finally canvassed, the station updated its election results page with the official results.

Moving Forward

While the Election of 2023 is over, the work of NCTV17 is not. Every day NCTV17 reports on a broad range of news that is important to Naperville citizens and we look forward to covering the actions of all our newly elected officials. We are committed to providing accurate, timely stories that inform our viewers and connect them to the fourth largest city in the state of Illinois.

As a nonprofit, we rely on the financial support of our viewers to keep this information accessible to everyone – online, on-demand, and without a paywall. If you found our Decision 2023 Election Coverage helped you be a more informed voter, please consider a gift of support.