NCTV17’s studio is a blank canvas

NCTV17's studio is a blank canvas
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And through the magic of television, we transform it to take our viewers somewhere else. It all starts with a little inspiration (as well as perspiration from the staff)!  Lighting changes a plain wall into a bright and dynamic setting. Different furniture and floor coverings complete the set, and all that’s left is for our talent to take their place under the lights!

In 2020, many of our colleagues in the nonprofit world were looking for ways to take their major fundraising events online. NCTV17’s studio provided them a venue for re-imagined virtual galas and events, and helped them reach their audience in an entirely new way.

Using NCTV17’s studio as their blank canvas, we helped many local nonprofits create the perfect backdrop for their event. For example:


For each of these organizations, NCTV17 created a unique experience for their gala, while using a variety of new virtual platforms never used for broadcast before 2020! Whether the event was live or a “look-live” production, we worked together to produce a virtual event like none other.

As a nonprofit, NCTV17 knows firsthand how challenging this past year has been for everyone. However, we are pleased to have offered up our blank canvas to help others paint a wonderful picture of their organization and raise critical funds to ensure our community emerges post-pandemic in the strongest position possible.

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– Carl Schultz, Operations Supervisor