Where are you now Ryan Skryd?

Ryan Skryd
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Ryan Skryd started his career as an intern at NCTV17 in 2016 after graduating from Western Michigan University with a degree in Film/Cinema/Video Studies. In 2017 Ryan joined the staff as a Production Specialist. During his time at NCTV17, Ryan worked across every area of programming, from news to sports, talk shows to event coverage. He also worked with the Video Production Service team on many client projects.

Ryan left the station in 2021 to become an Assistant Videographer at Concordia University Chicago. Together with his supervisor, he produces all the videos for the university and handles their live streams, commencement, and social media posts. He can often be found scripting, filming, and editing all in the same week.

In 2022 Ryan got married to Christine Lena, also an NCTV17 alum!

Why are local community news/sports important to you?

Local stories are what build a community and a town. National news and sports are great, but what’s happening in your town is just as important to your story, if not more important.

What skills are you using in your current job that you learned at NCTV17?

At NCTV17, I learned how to produce videos to meet various objectives that would be distributed across many different platforms! I use that skill daily in my current job, coordinating filming and video-editing productions for a university.

What was your proudest moment at NCTV17?

Anytime we covered nationwide news from the local perspective. 2020 was a huge year for news and for NCTV17’s news coverage, so updating Napervillians on what was happening in their hometown through live streams and news packages made me proud. I think everyone at NCTV17 always does outstanding work. The work done during 2020 was above and beyond for bringing national news stories to the local level and showcasing how people in Naperville were making a difference or staying positive during the pandemic. Since Naperville is my hometown, I was proud to have a small part in telling those stories.

What’s your favorite TV show, and why?

My favorite TV show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, an action cartoon that aired on Nickelodeon when I was growing up. I think it’s my favorite because the stories are extremely well-written, to the extent that kids and adults can find something substantive to enjoy. The world of the show is also very cool, people have elemental superpowers, and there are magical animals.