3% Potential Marijuana Sales Tax | Will County Cases Rise to 888 | Creative Easter Egg Hunt

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3% Tax For Potential Recreational Marijuana Sales:

It was an empty room but a crowded screen for last night’s virtual Naperville City Council meeting. Conducting the meeting over Zoom to decrease social contact due to COVID-19, the council covered several issues, including taxing the potential sale of recreational cannabis. They voted 6-3 to establish a 3% tax on potential cannabis sales that will be effective on July 1. This did not permit the sale of adult-use cannabis in Naperville – that discussion will come at a future meeting – but does allow the city to tax cannabis sales were council to approve them.

Gustin Comments Discussed:

There was also a discussion regarding a comment made by Councilwoman Patty Gustin at the March 3, 2020 council meeting regarding Councilwoman Judy Brodhead and Councilman Benny White’s position on recreational marijuana sales in Naperville. At that meeting, Gustin said, “I’m kind of surprised I have two teachers sitting next to me that are promoting recreational marijuana distribution and that’s their right as teachers.”

Mayor Chirico called it a personal attack and issued a warning to Gustin and all members of the council that future comments like this will be met with a call to vote for a censure.

Though Gustin said she left messages with both Brodhead and White and apologized on the dais, saying “And again I didn’t mean to be offensive to Councilwoman Brodhead or Councilman White. Just observing that they are in the educational field kind of caught me off guard as to their position on this. But everyone has a right to their position and I respect that,” – many felt her statement did not qualify as an apology.

Significant Rise in Will County COVID-19 Numbers:

Will County saw a one-day jump of 185 confirmed COVID-19 cases from April 6 to 7. They’ve now surpassed DuPage County in number of confirmed cases, with DuPage at 780, and Will now at 888. Will County reports 30 deaths from the virus, and DuPage, 26. Will County is now tracking cases by municipality, reporting 29 in Naperville. Adding that to the 63 reported by DuPage County, our city now stands at 92 total confirmed cases. At Edward Hospital in Naperville, they are currently treating 59 cases, and have reported 4 COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic began.

Little Friends Spreads Smiles:

Staff members from Little Friends Adult Community Day Services program brightened the day of program participants with some drive-by cheer. Holding signs and honking horns, they passed by homes of some they serve to let them know from a safe distance that they are missed, and very much thought of.

Easter Egg Hunt:

Though traditional egg hunts have been cancelled this year, the Brook Crossing Estates neighborhood has found a way to keep one going. Parents from the homeowners association have put up five Easter eggs for kids to safely find, while keeping a safe distance. Once they’ve spotted them, they can stop for a selfie with the Easter Bunny. The hunt is on from now through Easter.

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