Batavia School Lockdown | Narcan Seminar | Holi Festival

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Batavia Lockdown

Batavia High School was put on lockdown this morning after reports of a male subject armed with a rifle entering the building. Batavia Public School District 101 stopped bus service this morning after the reports and students were prevented from entering the school. Police searched and cleared the building by 8:20 a.m. and, after reviewing the video, believe the subject was actually a student-athlete with either a baseball bat or an umbrella.

Narcan Seminar

Edward-Elmhurst Health held a training session yesterday to help residents identify and respond to a drug overdose. The free session included a discussion of the stigma around individuals suffering from addiction and how to administer Narcan – a nasal spray that can halt the effects of an overdose. Two doctors of psychology were there to lead the session and give away free boxes of Narcan to participants.

Holi Festival

Over the weekend, community members gathered at the Naperville Riverwalk to celebrate Holi. The Hindu festival signifies the arrival of spring, and a place where people can forget about their problems and celebrate for a day. The event is also know as the festival of color as people throw colored powder, meant to symbolize flowers of spring, into the air and on each other. Hundreds of people poured in all afternoon and no one came away clean.

Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Naperville resident Dr. Prakasam Tata has been chosen to receive a 2019 Ellis Island Medal of Honor on May 10. Dr. Tata is the Executive Director of the Center for Waste Transformation Technology in Wheaton. He, along with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, are being recognized as immigrants whose accomplishments in their field have been deemed exemplary.