Buffalo Wild Wings Incident Not Hate Crime | Regency Inn Becoming Apartments | Jeopardy James Wins Again

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Buffalo Wild Wings Incident Not Hate Crime:

Naperville police say they’ve found no evidence of a hate crime in the October 26 incident at a Naperville Buffalo Wild Wings. A multiracial group of 18 say that day, they were asked by staff to move to accommodate a regular diner who said he did not want to sit by black people. The Daily Herald reports that Buffalo Wild Wings contacted Naperville police after receiving threatening calls following the incident. The company has declined to continue the investigation into who made those calls, or to file charges. Police say their overall investigation should be complete by the end of the week.

Apartments To Replace Regency Inn:

The Regency Inn on Ogden Avenue will soon be getting an overhaul. Last night the Planning and Zoning Commission gave unanimous approval for the rezoning and variances on the nearly 2.3-acre property, which will allow it to become a micro-apartment complex. The proposal includes total restoration of the current building and would create 112 studio apartments. The commission agreed the idea brings a much needed uplift and development to the East Ogden Avenue corridor that the city has been working toward over the years. The proposal now goes to Naperville City Council for final approval.

Jeopardy James Wins Again:

Jeopardy James has another win under his belt. Naperville native James Holzhauer returned to Jeopardy! yesterday to play in the Tournament of Champions, and once again ran away with the win. His total yesterday came to $30,635. That one-day tally is actually low for the 32-day streak champion, whose total winnings earlier this year came in at $2,464,216. James now advances to next week’s semifinals. If he wins the whole tournament, he’ll get $250,000 .

Edward Hospital Gets A in Safety:

Edward Hospital has received an “A” grade in hospital safety. Non-profit The Leapfrog Group assigned their Fall 2019 Hospital Safety Grades after analyzing 28 performance measures, determining how well the hospital does at keeping patients safe from preventable harm and medical errors. This is the third straight A for Edward, and their eighth within the last 12 rankings.