Buzzed Desserts Denied | Forest Preserve Restoration | Jeopardy Winner

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Buzzed Desserts Denied

A potential franchiser for Buzzed Bull Creamery appeared before the Liquor Commission last night, in hopes of bringing his business to Naperville. The ice cream shop uses liquid nitrogen to flash-freeze alcohol into milkshakes, coffee, and other desserts, though they also have non-alcoholic treats. The commission however, wasn’t buzzed about the idea and denied the petitioner’s request for the creation of a new license for alcohol-infused desserts. Some commissioner’s were worried that every ice cream and coffee shop in town will want to add alcohol to their menu as well. The commission recommended the petitioner attempt to qualify for a tavern license.

Forest Preserve Restoration

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County is set to take on the second phase of the Spring Brook Creek restoration project, which will create a new stream. Part of the project also includes restoring a trail bridge allowing for service vehicles to pass over in case of emergency. Cost estimates for the project are around $7.5 million. The project is expected to take about two years, during which time the west branch of the DuPage River Trail and Youth Campground will be closed.

Who Is… James HolzHauer?

Naperville native James Holzhauer was a big winner on Jeopardy yesterday. He took home $43,680, a sum host Alex Trebek said was a record for recent shows. Holzhauer now lives in Las Vegas where he is a professional sports gambler, but hasn’t forgotten his Naperville roots, or his family back home. That was clear when he included a birthday shout out to his nephew Jack with his answer in Final Jeopardy. He included both a happy birthday message and a very special final bet of $3,268, to signify Jack’s birthday: March 26, 2008.