Chamber’s New CEO | Puppy Stolen at Mall Pet Store | Electoral College Talk

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Chamber’s New CEO

It’s official – Kaylin Risvold will be stepping in as the new President and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce. Risvold is the Director of Media Strategy for the Alzheimer’s Association Illinois Chapter and is a graduate of Naperville’s own North Central College. Risvold will take the helm of the Chamber at the end of this month. That’s when current President and CEO Nicki Anderson will be stepping down from the position, after over five years.


Puppy Stolen at Mall Pet Store

UPDATE PUPPY RETURNED: The bulldog puppy stolen by a couple yesterday from Furry Babies was returned today. The puppy was returned in a cardboard box by a man. The bulldog is “active and eating.” Police are still seeking help locating the suspected couple.

The Aurora Police Department is seeking help in finding a couple who stole an English Bulldog from a pet store in the Fox Valley Mall. The couple came into Furry Babies pet store on Sunday and is accused of showing fake identities to apply to adopt, before coming into the store and fleeing with the puppy. Aurora Police say the bulldog is valued around $7,600. The couple is also accused of giving misinformation to a store employee. Police are asking if you have any information about this incident or the people involved, to contact them at (630) 256-5500.


Evaluating the Riverwalk

It was a change of scenery for this morning’s Riverwalk Planning, Design, and Construction meeting, as commissioners discussed potential ideas for improving the riverwalk. The PDC and the Riverwalk Commission took a stroll from the south extension of the riverwalk all the way to the north end at the Grand Pavilion. Some ideas included leveling out parts of the walkway and clearing invasive species for sightseeing, as well as bigger concepts like making Eagle Street Plaza more accessible with the additions of ramps. Tune in to Naperville News 17 this Friday for a full recap of the group’s ideas.


Electoral College Talk

The League of Women Voters Naperville held a special presentation about the Electoral College last night at the Municipal Center. The group welcomed Joyce Williams, a League of Women Voters issues specialist, who discussed the history of how the Electoral College came to be in our country, debunked myths about it, and emphasized the impact of voter turnout. Since 1970 the League has supported the abolition of the Electoral College, in favor of a direct national vote for President and Vice President. More information about the League’s stance on the topic can be found on their website.